Arla Cravendale is on a mission to fight food waste, but we need your help! So to make it easier to get involved, we’re giving you a free fridge thermometer to help you start your journey to becoming more fridge thrifty.

Simply follow the link above, enter your unique code and we’ll send you your fridge thermometer! Find out more tips on how your household can waste less below.

Lasts longer, wastes less
Arla Cravendale is pure filtered to last 2x longer, meaning there’s less to waste! By switching to longer lasting products, you can get the most out of your food before it loses its great taste and quality. Arla Cravendale has absolutely no additives and it’s not UHT – it’s simply filtered for purity, meaning you can enjoy fresh, milky goodness for longer!
Keep it cool
– fridge thermometer
Did you know the average UK fridge temperature is 2°C too high? Keeping your fridge temperature below 5°C is a great and easy way to keep your food stay fresher for longer. Once you receive your pack, your thermometer will become your fridge friend, reassuring you when your fridge is nice and cool and alerting you when it’s not. Use Love Food Hate Waste’s simple Chill The Fridge Out tool to find out how to adjust your fridge temperature.
Love your leftovers
– recipes
Arla Cravendale believes that no good food should go to waste. With the help of some of our recipes, we aim to inspire you to make the most of your leftovers. So dig deep and try some of the delicious meals for yourself.
Reduce Food Waste
– Meal Planner
With your thermometer, we’ll also send you a free meal planner to help you prepare your meals for the week! We suggest checking your fridge, freezer and cupboards beforehand for any food you already have in. This avoids buying any food duplicates and saves you money whilst also reducing your food waste.

*UK only. 18+. Opens 19.04.2021 – 19.07.2021. Claim by 19.07.2021. Retain unique code from Tesco mailer. Unique code and internet access required. To claim, visit, enter your unique code and provide your details (full legal name, full postal address, and email address). Maximum one claim per unique code and per household. For full terms and how to claim visit: Promoter: Arla Foods Limited, Arla House, 4 Savannah Way, Leeds Valley Park, Leeds LS10 1AB.

†WRAP, a leading waste reduction charity, estimate that increasing the shelf life of milk from around 9 days (UK average) to 21 days and increasing the open life from 3 to 7 days as can be achieved with Arla Cravendale, could reduce the amount of milk that is thrown away due to not being used in time by up to 80%. Arla Cravendale is filtered to last up to 21 days unopened. Data sourced via WRAP’s UK household simulation model.